Progetto Re-Building is a part of Progetto Re-Cycle “Sharing Memories”. This project can be considered as a starting point for the  reconstruction of the areas stricken by earthquake in Italy. By collecting geolocalized pictures, which can give important details, we can help architects and technicians in their work of rebuilding. Our project has received the support of the Association of Architects.

Progetto Re-Cycle is the result of a research activity carried out and supported by the PRIN (Research Projects of Relevant National interest) programme Re-Cycle Italy.

Progetto Re-Cycle is ambitious, its aim is to create a link, but we prefer to say a bridge, between both cultural and business aspects of recycling

Our key resources are the online magazine “Progetto Re-Cycle” and our Manifesto

We strongly want to generate a new business culture by means of Project Recycle. By signing our MANIFESTO and subscribing to the magazine you will share with us the culture of recycling and you will be part of a group of “business-recycling-minded” enterprises.

Project Re-Cycle
Project Re-Cycle

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Project Design and R&D 

Our market approach is humanistic-industrial, we believe we need to start from people and corporate culture to develop successful strategies for the company. Pragmatically, we start from product idea  up to its industrialization and selling. We support companies in applying for public funding for R & D / Technological Innovation and staff training.

Our activities are divided into four macro areas

Strategic designing and product innovation (Synthesis Design

Strategic marketing and selling

Temporary supports to the company:  temporary business manager, strategic alliance manager

Researching and applying for funds to support the activities of the first three macro areas