We focus on  “counseling training since, in our opinion, the line between training and counseling is sometimes very vague and the two aspects can be integrated seamlessly.

Nowadays our core business is related to: development of corporate strategy, development of partnerships for SMEs, development of the sales process, sales personnel coaching and training.

Our peculiar competitive advantage is the ability to integrate the various business aspects, in particular the integration of marketing and sales. When we develop this aspect we work both with management, or business owners, and sales people. The main obstacle that we often face is the lack of “soul” or corporate identity. Therefore we start from “inside” the company to build up an identity and we encourage sales people “get out of the building” selling in addition to the product, a reinforced corporate image.

Our effort of “integration” has further developed in  strategic alliance management, R&D and Innovation We are focused on partnerships for SMEs, we can help them developing a shared strategy and being stronger in the market.

Antonella Grana, has been a member of  the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (UK)  since 1998.

From 2006 to 2012 AidA Marketing & Formazione was an ISMM certified training provider. We are still providing Ismm courses on demand.